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Our Product

tradesg offers an App for private investors that analyzes portfolios for their sustainability and their underlying risks. We are the first to enable comprehensive and personalized impact investing and devesting in stocks, bonds, ETFs and funds, while also taking into account the protection of private investors retirement savings.

Person, die Daten analysiert


By using our very own innovative risk analysis, we are able to secure your portfolio. Based on seven pillars and over fifty factors our specific risk-model filters relevant signals to forecast shocks on stock and bond prices.

A complex risk-matrix that delivers gradual alerts supported by AI-driven algorithms sends you push notifications directly to your mobile.

Sustainability Radar

We analyze your portfolio based on general and individual ESG criteria. We optimize market data and refine them by applying our AI.


This gives you the opportunity to evaluate your portfolio in a way like never before. Your ideals and values determine your investments.

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Impact Investing/

Using our App guarantees that your invested money will neither support environmental destruction, repression, weapon- and drug-dealing, corruption nor the likes. With our help you are going to optimize your own portfolio according to your preferences.


We can show you in which way you can achieve your ecological, social and ethical goals throughout your investments.

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