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About us

"The future depends on what you do today."

M. GandHi

Together we want to change the world

It is our vision to change the world day-by-day. It’s hard to do this on your own but together our actions will have an impact!

Everybody is talking about sustainable investing.
The idea is to invest our money in companies and financial products that are sustainable and do not only focus on high returns but have our environment and society in mind.

Sustainable products or products that seem to be sustainable are all over the market, but having insights and transparency is a huge issue that needs to be addressed. But what is the meaning of “sustainability” and who defines it and who says that everybody understands it the same way?


In our view there is no need for a singular definition!

By using tradesg By using tradesg you can set your preferences and priorities and the app compares them to your existing portfolio and gives you advice on how to improve your portfolio. Our Sustainability Radar will keep you updated and our Protector will secure your investments by watching the markets using our AI.

This whole package is compressed and accessible through our very well-designed app which is going to go live in autumn 2022 and which is going to revolutionize the way to invest sustainably.

What is tradesg?

tradesg is a play on words composed of “to trade” and the financial term “ESG” that stands for sustainable investing.

ESG - What is that?
  • E - "Environmental"

  • S - "Social"

  • G - "Governance"

  • Air pollution, CO2 emissions, …

  • Human rights, equality, …

  • corruption, control, …

tradesg consists of financial- and IT-experts. Our goal is to support and secure the retirement provision of private investors, to make sustainable investments transparent and to enable our customers to include their ideals and values in their investment decisions in order to steer capital flows into truly sustainable companies.

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